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About Us

About The Beehive

Our Story

The Beehive is a child care center inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and focused on early development. Every child is valued as a strong, accomplished and rich with wonder and knowledge human being. Using the methodology, we channel the deep curiosity and potential within the child, which drives their interest to understand the surrounding world and their place within it.



From the Classroom


Our Philosophy

At The Beehive we aim to provide –

warm, safe and nurturing environment, which will stimulate children’s optimal social and emotional growth as well as their physical and intellectual skills. We believe that our approach will teach the children lifelong skills like

  • Respect others
  • Channel their natural curiosity
  • Share and take responsibility
  • Question and explore
  • Use their environment to learn responsibly

OUR values

Our Principles

We hold the following believes and values:

  • A child is a person, and any person deserves respect.
  • Children can control their learning and development.
  • Children learn by touching, moving, moving, listening, seeing and listening. In all this, they cannot be restricted.
  • Children build relationships with other children in a space where they can explore the world.
  • Children must have many ways and means to express themselves (drama, music, drawing, singing, dancing, designing, talking)

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